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Grab Your Friends and Try Hockey For Free

Few things are better than hitting the ice with some of your best buddies. It’s one of the reasons many of us get into hockey in the first place. And while you have new teammates and new friendships forming with your squad this season, most still have "off-ice" friends, too. Why not introduce them to our great game? We have the perfect opportunity this Saturday, Nov. 2. READ MORE »
(F) Fun
The No. 1 reason kids play sports is to have fun – and playing with friends only adds to the enjoyment. Team sports like ice hockey provide kids with the physical activity and challenges they enjoy, along with a ready-made group of new friends to play with. READ MORE »
Q: How can I introduce more kids to youth hockey?
A: This Saturday, Nov. 2, close to 500 rinks across the country will be hosting Try Hockey For Free events. Host locations will provide the necessary equipment, their best coaches and a memorable first youth hockey experience for both children and parents alike. Tell your friends, neighbors and coworkers to sign up here.
Skill Development
What It Means To Be a Mite
According to an old adage, you should never judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their boots. As select group of USA Hockey coaches recently found out, the same holds true when it comes to dealing with 8-year-old players. READ MORE »
Long-Term Athlete Development
The Building Blocks of ADM
If your kid is playing hockey 365 days a year, the game will become a chore, not a passion. That amount of exposure too early can put undue stress and pressure on them and give kids plenty of reasons not to love hockey. READ MORE »