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8U: No Lines, No Laps, No Lectures

More puck touches, more coaches and more smiles. Station-based practices bring more of everything to the 8U levels, including fun and development. The constant engagement and learning gives kids the best opportunity to improve. It also allows the coaches to do their job more efficiently and it can even help save your family money. What makes the station-based strategy so effective? READ MORE »
(Q) Quality
Little kids don’t want to stand around listening to an adult speak. They want to move and be active, which is exactly how they learn. A quality 8U practice focuses on a high amount of activity. READ MORE »
Q: Why do they sometimes use a soccer ball during practice?
A: How do you learn to develop balance and coordination on ice? By placing yourself in unbalanced situations and then working to maintain balance. Every time a young player kicks a soccer ball on skates they place themselves in an unbalanced situation.
Intent Is Clear in Newport Program
In its second year, the Newport Whalers Mite Development Program's concentration on having fun, building skills and fostering a love for the game is paying off. Overwhelmingly positive feedback and results are pouring in. READ MORE »
VIDEO: Why Cross-Ice Hockey Works
Before your child becomes a good hockey player, they first have to love the game. That's where cross-ice games/practices come in. USA Hockey's development program at 8U is giving young players nationwide the opportunities to excel. WATCH »