USA Hockey Player Development News

Gaining Exposure or Being Exposed?

The dream of playing college and professional hockey grows in most players’ hearts with each passing season. Those aspirations sometimes make it difficult for developing players to hang up their skates in the offseason. But while it might be hard for them to take a break from hockey, that’s precisely what they should do, despite plenty of persuasive attempts to convince kids, parents and coaches otherwise. READ MORE »
(T) Training
What does training at the 14U and 16U age group look like? An athlete’s greatest resource is their body. More targeted activities becomes a defining characteristic of training. READ MORE »
Q: Are midgets too BIG for small-area games?
A: “Repetitio mater studiorum est.” Repetition is the mother of learning. Hockey players of every age learn by doing. By implementing high-activity station-based practices and small-area games into your practice routine, there will be more doing, and consequently, more learning.
Offseason Focus: Individual Skills Development
Even NCAA and pro players spend time on skill development. The offseason is a great time to improve. Here’s a video from longtime coach Pertti Hasanen demonstrating skill-development drills for top-level players. WATCH »
When did NHL players begin specializing? Later than you think.
When asked the question, “How old were you when you started to specialize (only play and train) in ice hockey?” H b ere is what some of our American NHL players had to say. READ MORE »