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10U: How Much Should Development Cost?

Watching your child have fun on the ice is priceless. But mortgaging the house won't turn your child into the next Zach Parise or Hilary Knight. Not even close. Ice time, tournaments, travel and equipment can take a hit on the piggy bank, but can it also hinder your child's development? READ MORE »
(C) Coordination
The ability to perform complex movements quickly, learn new movements and quickly switch from one set of movements to another. Coordination is formed early.
Q: Why is equal playing time important?
A: Regardless of age, every youth roster consists of early and late developers. Too many future Amanda Kessels and Patrick Kanes are quitting the game or losing excitement at an early age because they are sitting on the bench. Let them play, learn and have fun.
Long-Term Athlete Development
VIDEO: Understanding Talent
This short video was developed by Sportscotland to help young athletes understand what "talent" really is and how you can get good at sport. It's more of a choice than you might think. Everyone develops at their own pace. WATCH »
How Sleep Can Improve Performance
Did you know sleep is just as important to youth athletes as physical training? Learn more about how sleep specifically affects your child at each stage of development and how it can help improve performance. READ MORE »